Great Books!

The book you don’t read won’t help.  ~  Jim Rohn

Here is a list of books with great impact in my life.  Some impact my business sensibilities and some simply open my mind to the possibilities but all changed my world.  My life gets super busy at times so I rely on audio books a lot.  Don’t let the impression of “being busy” stop you from expanding your mind.


Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

by Tim S. Grover

Amazon or Audible

It’s Your Ship

by D. Michael Abrashoff

Amazon or Audible

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

by Robert B. Cialdini

Amazon or Audible

The Power of When

by Michael Breus, Mehmet C. Oz

Amazon or Audible

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

by Jeff Sutherland

Amazon or Audible

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

by Patrick Lencioni

Amazon or Audible


by Carol Dweck

Amazon or Audible

The Talent Code

by Daniel Coyle

Amazon or Audible

Guns, Germs, & Steel

by Jared Diamond

Amazon or Audible

David and Goliath

by Malcolm Gladwell

Amazon or Audible

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

by Jenny Lawson (read with caution because there are several curse words and anyone associated with PETA will be offended within seconds of beginning the book)

Amazon or Audible

Predictably Irrational

by Dan Ariely

Amazon or Audible


by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt

Amazon or Audible


by David McCullough

Amazon or Audible

The Day the Crayons Quit

by Drew Daywalt

Amazon – This is one of my granddaughter’s favorite books and any book that captures the attention of a child is worth the read.



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