List of Things to Stop Doing


There are so many lists of things to do. Maybe we should start some ‘Not To Do’ lists …

  1. Stop using the F-bomb as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and dangling participle
  2. Stop doubting my potential … mainly because I’m freakin’ awesome
  3. Stop vegging in front of mindless television which is almost any kind of television
  4. Stop eating Cheetos … right after the next handful
  5. Stop working through my lunch
  6. Stop procrastinating when it’s time to write
  7. Stop being late for work – probably need to stop going to bed late
  8. Stop inventing ways to make my life miserable
  9. Stop censoring my thoughts (kind of conflicts with #1 but I still need to be brutally honest about stuff)
  10.  Stop disregarding great advice

What are the things you want to stop doing this week?

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