Meet MacKenzie

My English Bulldog, Sir Buster C. Wellington III (Buster for short) died a few weeks ago. He was rather old for a bulldog and had begun to have health problems but it was still a shock. The Lab, Gunner Magnusson (no relation to The Iron Druid’s Gunnar Magnusson) is barely two years old and relied on Buster and the cat for companionship since he was a pup. Now, he has no one to play with during the day and I have a tough time keeping up with him. Gunner has even resorted to trying to get Ms. Clawson, the cat, to play tug of war with him. He stuck the rope in her face the other day and waited patiently for her to grab on. I know this will surprise most of you but she didn’t take the other end.

I’ve been looking for another roommate for Gunner. This is a relationship that should get Gunner well into his golden years. So, I did what any analytical “Green” person would do … I made a list of qualities Gunner needed in a roommate and started interviewing dogs. If a dog passed the first interview, I brought in Gunner to finish the interview. He was no help whatsoever because he likes all dogs – even if the dog is a jerk. We were looking for a dog that:

  • Is a wee bit smaller than Gunner which isn’t hard since he is a behemoth at 108 pounds
  • Has slightly less energy than Gunner which also isn’t hard because he still thinks he is a puppy
  • Gets along with Gunner and Ms. Clawson which could be a problem
  • Is a shelter dog

After 4 interviews, we found the right dog and she doesn’t look anything like I expected.

Meet MacKenzie!

I know what you are thinking … MacKenzie is such a boring name compared to Ms. Ellory Clawson and Gunner Magnusson and Sir Buster C. Wellington III but MacKenzie has to earn her name. I can’t just hand her a name like MacKenzie McFluffy Butt. It’s similar to how Navy pilots get their call signs. Her personality determines the rest of her name.

Gunner got his name because he is smart and fierce like The Iron Druid’s Gunnar Magnusson except he doesn’t eat people. Ms. Ellory Clawson got her name because she is delicate but full of teeth and claws when she wants to be. Buster got his name because he acted like aristocracy – you know, the rules don’t apply to him and he wanted to hump everything that moved … even the empty water jug. I tossed it in the recycle bin after that episode.

More to come on MacKenzie and the rest of the family.

P.S. As soon as I finished this post, MacKenzie decided to play the part of ‘Princess and the Pea’. I’m pretty sure she lived a charmed life before finding herself at the animal shelter.

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